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The Official Smiley Dave Face Mask

The Official Smiley Dave Face Mask

SKU: OG Mask 01-25-7-20

Limited Edition

This awesome face enhancer and 'Covid decliner' is a 2 ply and out of all the materials I was offered to make this from, this was the most breathable and glorious feeling. It also has comfort toggles, so no matter your head shape and size these will fit snuggly. It will be shipped within 24 hours and I want you to know that you are helping this channel grow. Not only that but you are awesome. Just the fact that you watch the videos and are kind enough to like and share them with others is enough but getting a mask is incredibly helpful. You checked to see if this was an 'actual thing' and that show's initiative and great detective skills, I could use someone like you! Be on the hunt for ridiculous videos that you want to be taken to task and remember.... wear a mask. P&P is £3 per order of 5 masks... so have at it!

  • Now in-stock!

    Limited Edition

    These are now in-stock and won't be ordered again for a long business days from date of purchase. They are re-usable and breathable yet very protective, if you see the video you will see how no matter how hard I try I can't blow out the candle through the mask. It also comes with comfort enhancing toggles, no longer will the fat headed people like myself be tossed aside in society. They are adjustable on both sides and will make sure it fits your face for maximum comfort!


    If you are unhappy with a product or service please feel free to get in contact and we can sort out the problem ASAP


    All masks are recorded delivery in the UK but we aim to have them out the next day and on their way to you.

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