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Home of TV Presenter and viral social media comedian, Smiley Dave. Check out the voice over/acting work and keep up to date with his many projects, podcasts, videos and upcoming live shows. From Podcasts with celebrities to hosting live events and stand up shows. 



This is so surreal for me but it's so amazing at the same time. The fact that you're reading this is mad. This whole merch things is because I had so many requests so thank you for wanting to represent and I hope you enjoy everything you purchase, thank you so much for watching, liking and sharing the videos. If you can buy something to support the channel, that's great but dont worry if you can't, by being here you've fulfilled a weird dream I've always had. Also, I don't know who that is in the picture, the website suggested it and they've been doing this for longer than me so who am I to argue. I want to say her name is Keith though... I'm getting a strong 'Keith' vibe

This website will be forever changing so come back every now and again and there will be some more weirdness!

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