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£100,000 Comedy Challenge

Video Script Below: 'Can I make a hundred thousand pounds using the skills that got me into 30,000 pounds of debt in the first place. This is the 100,000 pound baby. Let me tell you a story of a man who once had five dreams. The first one was to be a radio presenter on an actual FM radio. The second one was the DJ at his favorite festival.

Download done. The third was to become a TV presenter, Who's nuts are Deez. And the fourth one was to be a voiceover artist on a cartoon, not screaming. Vicar. Number three, an actual person looks simply divine, a done Zelle, Washington that is so bright. The sun, it's how they come. Dave and the fifth was to use all these skills and be sent to America to work and make a living.

I couldn't even do that in the UK. So four out of five ain't bad. The next step is for me to actually utilize this and make some kind of career or financial gain from it, which I've never done. Well, the best thing I've ever done was an X factor life thing where I just had to go it. I just said the name, the town's best ever 45 million pounds.

That's never happened again, but my mind sees only work when it comes to dreams and goals. So a hundred thousand pounds is the next goal is the next dream. I'm going to do it in nine months. Starting two weeks ago, when I said I was going to do it on Twitch, can I make 100,000 pounds in 19? My only using entertainment.

So I'm good to document everything that I do. All the money that I make from the different things I'm going to be doing. I'm going to be utilizing every single contact. I'm going to make sure that this isn't so over sposed that I look kind of like Casper the ghost. There's nothing I can do. I don't know.

Video cameras well enough to sort this out, so don't worry about it. Just accept. I am just this pasty in life. Do not look directly at. You will be snow blind. I'm gonna use every famous person. I possibly know every producer, every, oh my God, I've got some ideas already. I'm gonna use every stupid idea. I'm going to contact every company.

I had a stupid idea about, I used to work for a social media company and every time they would be like , but I would think we could do that. Well, they live. It's already happened and it went great hole. Stick with me for the next nine months. We are going to have so much fun and then a massive wind comes the state, the coffee has gone.

No, I've ruined it for the next person. A hundred thousand pound nine months. There will be a, not a stone unturned, not in nook and cranny, not a cranny unhooked. After going viral to the videos making on Facebook actually are, do you monetize now? You're not allowed to make the jokes I was making. 14 million views down.

It's okay. I'm ready for a change. So take a look. It says, when it comes to video creation, take 10 people from the top of your niche. Copy what they do and change it for the different social media. That sounds right. YouTube watches on the same, like Twitch people obviously everything's live. You got tick-tock as well.

They're going be different people, but the tick-tock live is the most terrifying thing. It's like a house of a thousand corpses, the home game.

There's a massive rave about that. Both the wind and the water have an agreement to take my bonnet today. So what they seem to be doing is reacting to other social media videos are on Tik TOK in the lake. So that's the next thing for me to do that. Then you get that go Chuck down my Facebook. See how well, if you hope that people were just wondering the positive way.

The same footage that got me the 47,000 followers in the first way. So we'll see.'

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