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Hitting 10,000 Page Likes on Facebook

Ridiculous, plain ridiculous and phenomenal. Some of you may have seen a video of me getting a little emotional on my socials but this was absolutely huge for me. With the help of so many people sharing my videos, liking them, commenting on them, trolling me, defending me and roasting me (Which I do enjoy) we hit 10K page likes on my Facebook page. Not only that but I reached over 1000 Subs on Youtube which, for about 10 years, was stuck around the 450 mark, no matter how many videos I put out.

Since hitting that 1k on Youtube, my mind has been going crazy with all the videos and ideas I've always wanted to do that are now possible. Weirdly enough, it's so much easier to make videos when you know people are going to watch it and you don't have to resort to forcing your weakest friends to click on links in front of you so you knew they did it. I mean, who would do such a thing.

Honestly, the sky is the limit, until I get Musk on board but even then I think he'll want to take over the project and put me on Mars or something... doing stand up... for aliens... God I hope aliens don't have access to my videos, that's not tourist board material.

In other news, after 3 months of blood, sweat and samples. I finally have the masks that people bought 3 months ago and were supposed too recieve 2 months ago but I promise it's all been worth it. The final masks have turned out so much better than I thought and they've got toggles on the ear straps so they're super comfy. Totally stoked, hope you enjoy the model I used for the pics... don't judge, he was cheap and desperate

Thanks again for liking, sharing and commenting on the videos and thank you so much to everyone that got involved in my first ever merch drop.

Love, love,

Smiles x

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