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A new hope....

It's weird to know I'm at the start of something I've always wanted. I've been through a lot to become someone that can look at a situation that is damn near frustrating and infuriating and try to find the funny. It's a gift, and one the world needs right now. There are loads of reasons why I am, the way I am and I'll get to that in time but for now I want to tell you that I'm truly grateful.

All my Social media platforms have different purposes. Facebook is to get the funny, quick, viral videos out there to the masses, IG is more to get to know you all better and go through normal events with a weird twist because I have to make it weird for everyone and Youtube is my baby. I've been nurturing that beast for 10 years and I've only just got my channel past the 1K mark. I'm not bitter, my stuff just wasn't good enough but now, it's a new game. I can't wait to try out new formats, projects, game shows, podcasts. I just love to entertain.

It's crazy late right now because I've had to slap this site together but I'll do a blog thing from now on that's a bit meatier for y'all.

See you soon and thank you for checking out the Merch! x x


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