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I'll tell you what's weird...

... selling things with your name on it. Just think about it. The level of arrogance you have to have to make something with YOUR name on it and expect people to buy it. I've never met Fred Perry but I bet he's intolerable. It was the main reason I had such an issue with pulling the trigger on the masks!

For two months, people had been asking for merchandise and I didn't think it was a good idea. I told people I could write my name on a post it, send it to them and they can iron it on something at their own leisure. I even recorded a couple of Bday messages on the phone, one was to a sweet 80 year old man, the video I got back was adorable. 'It's way too early'... 'Who's gonna want that'... Turns out a fair few of you did and it was genuinely emotional. I've purposefully had a crazy life but I've never experienced that and it caught me off guard.

It was Holly in Duxford, who was the first person to buy a mask. It was Warren in Eltham, who bought the second. Not only have I never met these two incredible people, I had no idea those places existed. I never want to forget that moment where I had made people I'd never met before, so happy, that they didn't even hesitate to do something to support me... my lack of Geography trivia on the other hand can do one. I tried to point out where Gloucester was in the UK once and I had my finger on Perth. Not even the right bloody country!

No one has to buy anything and please don't feel obliged to, the fact anyone watches the videos I make is still very surreal and I'm excited for the future of the channel and this website! For everyone that's subscribed, thank you! You're gonna be at the forefront of a lot of decisions and directions I make, so let's move forward together and share joint blame in the future downfall of this channel! Talk to y'all soon! x

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